EP0NRE9A.DLL will not scan, no malicious files

By Jess_123
May 2, 2012
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  1. Hi there, I'm new here.

    I have some computer knowledge, but not enough to solve my problems.

    A friend of mine used their TS account to try to help me with this problem, assuming that it was a virus. Broni on the virus removal part of the forum went through several scans with my friend and told us there is nothing malicious on my laptop.

    Here's the problem: I have tried Avira, Avast, Malewarebytes, Super Anti Spyware and Spybot. Never at the same time. Never do I have more than 1 running at any time. I have most turned off "auto start" through MSconfig. The file in the title will NOT scan. It acts as if it's a bazillion gigabytes and completely locks up my laptop to the point that I have to press the power button to shut it down, which I know is bad for a computer..but I have no choice. In reality the file is only ~1.35MB and hasn't been modified since 2009 - which I assume is how it came as I've only had this laptop less than a year. I have also tried all the above in safe mode, still won't scan.

    If you try to open the file path in a normal boot, it again completely locks up and you have to use the power button. If you open the file path in safe mode, it will at least open without locking everything up, which is why I am able to tell you the exact file path is:

    I only found this out by trying to just do a routine weekly scan to ensure nothing IS on my laptop as I am a heavy internet user, and you just NEVER know. I keep Avast running all the time as my anti-virus. I wasn't scanning suspecting to find anything, but when it locked everything up like that, I assumed virus..and since it's been cleared of viruses, Broni suggested I come to this part of the forum and try.

    It doesn't seem to affect the actual use of my laptop..but none the less, I need to be able to do full system scans to make sure nothing is wrong and I can't get past this file.

    I can also tell you that when it starts to get locked up, it makes my processor's temperature SPIKE quickly from the usual 34-35 to 40+ Celsius rapidly, as in within minutes of it starting to lock up.

    I don't know what information you need about my laptop, so please let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.
  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    The symptoms you describe suggest the file is corrupt on disk, in a way that is usually repaired by running chkdsk /r
    That may lock up too, so be prepared to do a scan at a low level (I.e. not from within Win 7). Just try drive repair first.

    If you do need a further low-level correction, you may need to create a bootable live Linux CD with appropriate repair software. There are people on this site far more knowedgeable that I about Linux, who can take you further.

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