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By ArchVile
Jul 23, 2004
  1. ive heard from a lotta people that epox boards are good for OC'ing, but ive also heard that the athlon xp 2100 is not. now i wanna make sure that i can play doom 3 on medium settings when it comes in. thats why im buying a radeon 9600,. the 2100 runs at 1.733 ghz. is this gonna be enough for medium, or should i OC it. i got 2 case fans, and a huge heatsink and fan for the CPU.
  2. will56

    will56 TS Rookie

    There are many nforce2 and VIA Epox boards that were nice for overclocking (still are). Your XP2100 and your board might give you mutiplers (unlocked also). You could try it and see how far you get. However - even with just a 2100 at stock clock as long as you have the 9600 and about a gig of ram maps and textures should be fine. You might have to bump the in game settings down with doom3 to meduim and about 1024x768, but that's ok (to keep a good frame rate). Games with known large maps like Far Cry really benefit with alot of ram (at least 1 gig) and loading times. You should be fine there, just might have to go with meduim settings - which might look fine.
  3. ArchVile

    ArchVile TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    i got 512 megs of ddr 2700 ram. im kinda low on money. im just going to buy my radeon 9600, doom 3 and half-life 2. is 512 good enough to run doom 3 on medium? cause running it on high with AA and other nice looking stuf like that is not that important to me.
  4. will56

    will56 TS Rookie

    512 should be ok. I know with Far Cry it takes a while to load maps with only 512 MB, but once your actually moving on the game it's ok, and you should ba able to easily handle medium settings, and possibly tweak high with a few selections if you keep res at no higher than 1024x768 at 75-80 Htz.
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