Error code 0x80070426

By learninmypc
Sep 16, 2016
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  1. After getting fed up with Avast popups I started using WD & uninstalled avast using revo. A month later I reinstalled Avast , ran a full scan which came up clean but still the damn popups. I kept it for a bit before going back to WD for a bit. I also tried AVG & another one but didn't like eiher so I uninstalled the & went back to WD.Yesterday upon rebooting the titled error code “An error has occurred in the program initialization. If this problem does continue, contact your System Admin. Error code 0x80070426.”
    came up so I googled it & saw this but I'm NOT using Vista

    Today, I clicked the start menu, scrolled to WD & right clicked it & I ended up getting this error code 0x800706ba googled it & of the thousands of possibilities I clicked & got this I refuse to click on just any hotfix so I ask for help.
    I'm currently using Avira in hopes it keeps me safe.
    Using W10 Anniversary update.
  2. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 7,669   +413

    I should clarify error code
    0x80070426 only happened when I was using WD = Windows Defender.
  3. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 7,669   +413

    How do I repair WD on W10 ? I've seen many results via google but I don't pick one & go.

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