Error message on Windows startup "You raped me bastard"

By bhavin2in52
Oct 26, 2010
  1. Hi.
    My PC was corrupted by viruses and was very slow sometimes. So, I formatted my C: drive and reinstalled the Windows XP SP2. After reinstalling I installed some common programs,softwares and drivers which were stored on some other drives. I was not able to install some of them as their setup files could not run. I installed antivirus "quickheal". A preinstallation system scan was started by the AV setup and showed some active viruses and suggested for boot scan. I restarted my PC and during boot scan I found 333 viruses and all repaired.After boot I installed the AV fully. But after next boot I show an error message on windows startup "You Raped Me bastard". Everytime I boot my PC I see this message now. I searched on Internet for solutions. In one case there was a solution using regedit. In which hkey_local_machine --> system --> Currentcontrolset --> windows --> New --> dword value --> NoPopupsOnBoot --> Set value to '1' . was given

    When I tried this thing , I could not find windows option under currentcontrolset. Later I installed registry mechanic and hijack this but could not get the rid of the problem. I am still receiving that annoying error message "You raped me bastard" on startup each time. Each one in my family uses the PC and showing this error message. It's very disgusting. I have doubt that my Antivirus setup is also corrupted.

    Somebody please help me solviing this problem.


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  2. Macboatmaster

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    I do not know the exact cause of this message.
    However I have some very good advice for you.
    I notice from the screenshot that you are running Registry Mechanic.
    DO NOT USE ANY registry booster, registry cleaner or similar program.
    They are usually useless and frequently dangerous to the health of the computer.
    Apart from a known registry corruption, detected by something such as HiJack, which I notice you also have and solved by an expert in interpreting HiJack which does not distinguish betwen good and bad, or by using regedit. at the run command, any other attempt to interfere with the registry USUALLY ends in disaster.
    The problem, providing it is a genuine XP installation and not some rogue copy into which someone has slipstreamed their "joke" is clearly what you have done since you installed it and the programs you have copied/installed.

    The report of the 333 viruses is a joke.. I have never heard of Quickheal.

    My recommendation.
    START again.
    reinstall XP.
    DO not install registry Registry Mechanic.
    Do not install Quickheal
    Do not, unless you really know what you are doing, use HiJack.
    If you have a problem and someone qualified asks you to run HiJack, GMER or any of the various other analysis etc that is a different matter.

    Please DO NOT be offended, but if you were qualified to use HiJack, you would not have registry mechanic installed on your computer.

    If you need further help - post back

    When you have installed
    Go to Microsoft and download MIcrosoft Security Essentials. It is fre, continually updated and although there are many others, a very reasonable malware and anti-virus program offering real time protection and scans.

    In relation to the use of registry cleaning programs see this
  3. Broni

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    Welcome aboard [​IMG]

    First of all, I don't understand, how freshly installed Windows got already infected.
    Were you physically connected to the internet while installing Windows?

    You're not able to install what exactly?
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