EV start-up Byton unveils first concept car, aims to take down Tesla

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Byton, a start-up co-founded by former BMW and Nissan executives, has unveiled the first of their three planned electric vehicles at CES 2018. They are starting with a concept of their mid-sized SUV which they believe will be ready for launch in Q4 2019. Following that, they have plans to add a sedan as well as a larger seven-seat vehicle to their line-up.

At first glance, the car can be described as an entertainment center that also happens to provide transportation. There are screens in the steering wheel and behind each seat; there's even a four-foot-long touchscreen display in place of the dashboard. Byton is calling this design a "digital lounge."

The technology inside will feature voice and gesture recognition for navigation and infotainment. As expected, the car will also feature level three autonomous driving with level four to come in 2020.

Byton has added Amazon Alexa integration with numerous additional car-focused features. One of their demos showed a driver searching for charging stations as well as Alexa rerouting the car based on current traffic patterns. To enable all of this, the car will feature wireless Internet connectivity which they claim to be up to 100 Gbps. The front of the car will also feature seats that can swivel around to face the rear passengers.

Specific details about the car's performance are still unknown but Byton says it will have a range of between 250 and 325 miles with up to 476 horsepower on tap. Perhaps the most surprising feature of this new vehicle is the starting price of $45,000. Considering Byton currently has no factory or network of charging stations, only time will tell if they end up as the next Tesla or a flash in the pan like Faraday Future.

Photo credits - Gizmodo

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If you throw in a keyboard + mouse + beer fridge, I will take a stationary version of it.
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Needs more touchscreens so I can entertain myself while driving, maybe play some games on the side.


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Isn't this what tech startups are all about? You sucker in a bunch of investors with pie in the sky hyperbolic bullsh!t, trick up a prototype, put the money in your pockets, and then fold.

Not only are these CEO and former CEO types sociopaths, but pathological liars as well.

That crap the Intel CEO was shoveling should be proof positive of what I'm saying. "Stock sale, what stock sale"? "I have no idea what you're talking about".


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EV start-up __________ unveils first concept car, aims to take down Tesla
Fill in the blank
And never mind just e cars, where the hell is that Elio 3 wheeler?
Money talks, BS walks


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Nickle and dime start-ups aren't a threat to Tesla. Tesla has factories and controls its supply chain for batteries; nickle and dime start-ups don't. Niche players won't affect Tesla sales.

Tesla's biggest threat is Tesla itself. The financial balancing act required to ramp up production, introduce new models and keep quality high while not making a profit is tricky and difficult to pull off. It's a risky venture, always has been. That said, they're doing it as well as it's possible to do, I think. Their models are compelling, investors are sticking with them, and thus far the cash burn hasn't put them into bankruptcy. They might just make it to the long run.