'Eve Online' in-game currency can buy a GeForce GTX 560 graphics card

By Shawn Knight · 15 replies
Mar 27, 2012
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  1. EVE Online will soon be experimenting with a new program that will allow players to trade in-game currency for real-life swag – specifically, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 graphics card.…

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  2. Ranger12

    Ranger12 TS Evangelist Posts: 621   +122

    10 Billion Interstellar Kredits for a GTX560! Sounds like the galaxy is suffering from hyperinflation...On a more serious not, this is a pretty interesting idea for those that play mmo's (not me, although I still find it interesting).
  3. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    darn, too bad i already bought one with real money.

    3DCGMODELER TS Enthusiast Posts: 307   +18


  5. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,376   +286

    Those who know how to make money and are good at the game could probably buy GTX 680, would just it would take alot longer of course.

    I can do the same in WoW. But rather easily if I was going to get back into it. Get to 85 then another 80 with scroll of resurrection. Run heroics to get decent entry level raiding gear, get back into Hardcore raiding, deck out on gear and possibly rare achievements and have decent amount of Gold and boom $200 with ease.

    A actually account that has history from TBC to WOTLK both Arena and Raid achievements with good up to date gear and decent gear can go up from £200, just depends on what you have on your Char and how many across the account.

    Sure selling WoW accounts / gold is against Blizzards TOS but hey ...
  6. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,867   +1,286

    LOL@EVE Online, the armpit of the MMO universe. 300K users worldwide at most, probably survives through money laundering, LOL!
  7. actualy Eve online is just too complicated for the average gamer. its propably got one of the biggest learning curves of gaming.

    Once you know everything, then the universe expands. really fun game.
  8. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,144   +911

    Agreed massively, god it took me ages to understand!
  9. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,376   +286

    Yeah big leveling curve, I love the whole game design but sadly never got into the game.
  10. Go back to grinding on WoW.

    EVE is too complicated for some.
  11. nazartp

    nazartp TS Enthusiast Posts: 178   +12

    In a voice of Sheldon Cooper: "Oooh, boy! Where do I begin?" Great idea that would make IRS salivate. They are already looking into taxing people that resell their in-game items on eBay.
  12. Required graph of MMO difficulty curves:


    anyway, why is the name in quotations in the title? no other game i've seen on here have those, and it just makes it seem dodgy.
  13. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 872   +12

    Let's see. It takes me about 90 minutes, on average, to make 100,000,000.00 ISK in a fleet.

    5,000,000,000.00 ISK / 100,000,000.00 ISK = 50 fleets, of 90 minute flights each.

    50 fleets * 90 minutes = 4500 fleet/minutes.

    4500 fleet/minutes / 60 minutes/hour = 75 fleet/hours.

    $200.00 / 75 fleet/hours = $2.67 a fleet/hour

    Even as fast as 120,000,000.00 ISK a fleet/hour is possible, I've done that before.

    5,000,000,000.00 ISK / 120,000,000.00 ISK a fleet/hour = 41.67 fleet/hours

    $200.00 / 41.67 fleet/hours = $4.80 a fleet/hour.

    No Thanks! :) I like EVE, but not that much, and I make more money per hour working at my job. :p But it's nice to know it's possible to do.
  14. The major difference about EVE is that it has really perfect economy design.
    You as a player can climb to higher levels, fame and fortune but there is always a risk that you will fall and loose everything. Also to stay in the game You need to buy or produce real things like fuel, ammunition and other consumables. This makes team work essential.

    In team battles players loose starships, bases and even character's attributes. That is a real thing to feel the loss of precious things. Makes You feel the game's world more vivid and true. To avoid being eaten by any bigger fish players must form corporations. And even that is not enough so corporations must form alliances to protect its members. This is very strong community.

    In games like WoW a player is constantly being rewarded. You dont ever looose a single thing. You climb without any restrictions. Its more like a cheat game ;)

    So if You like "cheating" in games you play WoW & clones.
    But if You like to be challenged you choose EVE.
  15. I agree with the above. People who try eve, and fail, are those who do not understand it.
  16. DanUK

    DanUK TS Booster Posts: 211   +9

    EVE online was quite fun but the thing that killed it for me was the endlessly repettitve mission grinding to gain standing with agents. I wouldnt mind if the missions were quite different but really they weren't at all. And if you want to get money as a new player you have to work your way up through these. It's really quite a chore imo.

    When I finally DID get to some PvP it was incredibly exciting. Really got my heart rate going.

    I prefer other MMOs though, ones where you can just jump straight into some PvP without a shedload of prep and the risk of loosing loads (although I imagine this element makes it way more exciting).

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