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EVGA eGeForce 8400GS

By detoam
Sep 8, 2008
  1. Yes it is a budget card. But for the price it is still an awesome card. http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_8400.html
    First the cons:
    Setting up 3D settings through the Nvidia control panel while easy was a mistake. I have set it up to run at almost the best possible settings, leaving almost nothing to run as per application settings. Run into issues immediately. Playing BF2 (with in-game settings at a medium) the game would crash about every hour. Same was for the Chronicles of Riddick game.
    The stock cooling is useless. Card very often heats up to 58 degrees.
    The multi-display settings in the driver a hard to figure out.
    EVGA website does not even display the card anymore and it wasn't very easy to find it there.

    The pros:
    Very good with video processing. I run Various Adobe graphics and video programs and none of them have any issues.
    When I finally adjusted the settings in the control panel to let each program decide the quality for itself the card performed great.

    Overall i would have to say that if You (like me) have a low budget, but do want shader 4 and DX10 compatibility this is the card for You.

    I have yet to test it on Vista.
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,363   +3,593

    58 degrees Centigrade is not very hot for a GPU.

    Yes, to a degree, but Nvidia has included every setting you might think you need but it does require a bit of digging and patience.
    Well, true enough, but this is true of most manufacturers sites now. They try lead you right to the 8800GT cards right from the jump. I suppose they figure that's what everybody's looking for at the moment.
    I didn't take the time to check this out, but I believe the GT8400 also is HDCP compatible as well.
    If you aren't trying to establish yourself as a legend in gaming circles this could be the graphics card for you, as it adds dual monitor and High def capability to the average computer with onboard graphics.

    I would also suggest that people check out this GT8500 from Biostar: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814141065 this card is a steal ($35.00) after MIR. It has 512MB of GDDR2 of it's own (doesn't use any system RAM), and is 128 bit access. I believe the 8400s are 64 bit, but keep in mind I don't know if that is really a downside when you consider the likely uses of either of these cards. They both should do a bang up job of driving your flat screen TV and monitor.
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