EVGA rolls out virtual queue system for reserving Nvidia's 30-series cards


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What just happened? Getting hold of an RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 has been a nightmare, but EVGA is introducing a new, queue-based notification system that should enable the purchase of 30-series cards without relying on luck, F5, or bots.

The hype surrounding Ampere always meant that getting hold of one at launch wasn’t going to be easy, but the speed at which RTX 3080 cards disappeared from online stores, mostly due to scalpers’ bots, was shocking. Nvidia said it would fight back using methods such as manually reviewing orders on its own store for the RTX 3090 release, but we saw the same thing happen again elsewhere. CEO Jensen Huang recently admitted the company wasn’t prepared for such incredible demand, and that shortages of all 30-series cards, including the upcoming RTX 3070, will likely last until next year.

To make the whole process a little fairer, EVGA is rolling out a new system for the 30-series that’s similar to what you’d find in a physical store. All you have to do is select which Ampere card you want and hit the Auto Notify button. When the product is in stock, and you’re next on the waiting list, you’ll receive a secure email allowing you to buy the item. Remember: you only get eight hours to make the purchase. After the time's up, the link moves to the next person in the virtual queue, and you’ll have to start again.

The big question now, of course, is when will the cards be back in stock? Hopefully, EVGA’s system will let you grab one this year without spending a small fortune on eBay.

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Well thank goodness they did this just in time for the release of the new cards!

I have only camped out (overnight) for just one decide: IPhone 6 Plus. I managed to get it, despite hordes of people bum rushing the line 5 hours prior to the store opening. Apple eliminated the camp outs simply by forcing pre-orders in order to keep crowds from gathering- due to fear of terrorism.

Knowing about social distancing and viral spread, the PC parts outlets should have been way ahead on this- as well as Nvidia.

Glad it’s been dealt with.


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It's not by chance that EVGA has got the best reputation in Enthusiast cycles.

I remember EVGA Jacob (Freeman) camping Overclock.net to help ppl years ago when nobody knew who he was.

Up until the 1080 FTW debacle, I had never seen a single anti-EVGA post at Overclock.net. This should say something.

EVGA at the top of the game again.


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Finally someone implementing a system that sounds like it will work better (which should also give insight on how effective it could be).
Lets just hope the system isn't easily fooled with fake accounts (by scalpers/bots looking to grab as many as they can).
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I'll sign up, but not holding my breath. As others have mentioned, 8 hours is too short. Just taking into account sleep time will knock out 1/3 of an entire week of availability.

I've mentally resigned myself that I won't be able to get one of these cards until February 2021 at the earliest anyway.


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So Jays2cents said (on launch week( they only sold a few thousand globally so far, is this true?


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CEO Jensen Huang recently admitted the company wasn’t prepared for such incredible demand.

Really? Jensen has just confirmed that he is an ***** after making a statement like that!