Explained: If I Reset Windows 10 will it Remove Malware?


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A few weeks ago my computer gave me a warning message that I was infected with virus and that I needed to call xxxx to fix the problem. The man I spoke to had an Indian accent and said he was from Microsoft. He then connected to my computer and removed the virus, then demanded $199 payment which I paid. He then forwarded me to another security specialist, who examined my system and said that my firewall was broken and it would cost another $350 to fix it. If I didn't pay it, he said hackers would attack my computer. At this point I freaked out - I hung up the phone and shut off my computer. After reading your excellent article on Live PC Expert fake tech support, I now understand that I've been scammed. My greatest concern is that the scammers have implanted multiple remote access backdoors into my machine, meaning they can get back in whenever they want. My question is, if I reset Windows 10 will it remove viruses and malware, including the remote access backdoors? "FULL ARTICLE