External drive devices not being recognized

By marky56789
Sep 20, 2009
  1. Im having a problem with my devices that im connecting not being able to be accessed in my computer. Since last month ive been having problems with my itunes totally not recognizing my ipod ever sinced i sync'd my iphone to it. It is shown on "My computer" as Marks Ipod but whenever i open up itunes it shows as no ipod connected. When i switch out to my iphone it comes up and im able to sync normally. Ive tried replacing the ipod, reloading itunes. The problem i think i see is that on my device manager it recognizes my ipod as a mass storage device but on the iphone it shows "iphone".

    Shortly after i just decided to get another computer, so before that i wanted to transfer my music etc to disc and heres the 2nd problem, when i try to copy them to cd the icon on my My Computer for the CD drive is red with a slash going through it.

    Today i bought a 250gb freeagent drive to save my files before switching computers. I plug that into the USB and it reads it but when the prompt comes out saying windows can run the program provided on device, open folder to view files, or take no action, nothing happens when i say to "run the program" it just exits. Also when i choose open folder it says E: is not accessible.

    Im really stuck at this time with no ideas, i hope someone can shed some light on this issue. Thanks
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