External drive doesn't show files and folders

Hello! I have external Samsung G3 USB station. I had two different partitions: one 'primary' (just for files) and one 'logical' (for files also). All the time I use WinXP, Linux and Vista on different computers mostly. Everything was fine... But when I bought a brand new DVD with Win7 and installed on my brand new laptop the strange things became. Now I’ll try to define my problem as much as possible clearly and accurately.
My laptop (with Win7) shows that 'logical' drive but when I go in there I can't see my folders and files (they are not hidden of course!).
In properties I can see that these files ARE there (I suppose that by the free and used space of that partition and I really know how GBs was there so in properties seems that anything is not lost).
When I connect drive to a different computer with let's say Vista it doesn't show these files also. Same with XP. But I can reach my files on Linux.
Another strange thing is that all the information in the other partition ('primary' drive) is accessible without any probs.
Now I copied all these files into Linux and used to format that partition (NTFS) and made it 'primary' also (I did it on Win7). So I have two ‘primary’ drives now. Then I brought all the information (from Linux) back into that drive (under my investigation). Everything was fine and I was so glad... till I restarted mtfk Computer :(
When I use Norton Partition Manager for browsing that drive I can see these folders and files.
One more thing I observed.. on Vista these folders icons seem like shortcuts now. What is very strange really. I can reach them in fact. But I can't on XP or Win7 now.
Then I’ve experimented a bit. I copied two small files on that drive intentionally. Surprisingly I can see these freshly loaded files both on Vista and XP. On Win 7 also! But can't see these previously loaded files.: ))))
May anyone be able to help to resolve this confusing problem?