External hard drive problem

  1. I started off with a western Digital external hard drive
    it was 1TB in size but it was formatted in NTFS

    i wanted to use it on my PS3 so i had to format it to FAT32

    i downloaded HP USB disk storage format tool and it formated it to FAT 32 but now I only have 31GB of space!

    i tried reconverting it to NTFS but i still Only have 31GB of space

    How do i get my 1TB of space back to my hard drive?

    please please help
  2. Kastii

    Kastii TS Rookie

    The Space is not Lost... It is unallocated...
    I normally us Petition Magic to alocate my unallocated space... My OS is XP pro sp2.
    you can you us a Window XP CD .. Boot from the CD ... and when it comes to the option. Just format the Hard drive in FAT32 and You will get your space back...
    Hope this helps

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