Facebook now lets you share your real-time location in Messenger

Shawn Knight

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Facebook wants to dominate every aspect of your life, not just your digital one. On Monday, the social network announced a new feature that allows users to share their current location with friends and family in hopes of coordinating and inspiring real-world gatherings.

With Live Location, users can share their real-time location in Messenger with a group of friends or a single person with ease. Those you choose to share with will be able to see where you are on a map for 60 minutes (a small clock in the lower right hand corner of the map shows how much longer you’ll be sharing your location for).

Presumably, if you want to share for longer, you’ll need to reactivate Live Location every hour.

In announcing the feature, Facebook says those with whom you share your location with will also see an ETA of how long it would take for the other person to get to your location by car. This would no doubt be helpful if you’re waiting for a friend to pick you up for a night out on the town, etc.

Users can elect to stop sharing at any time by simply tapping Stop Sharing.

It’s also still possible to share a static location on a map, such as the coffee shop you want your friend to meet you at.

Live Location is rolling out globally as we speak for both Android and iOS devices.

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Why? Why would anyone want this? If you want someone to know where you are just tell them! I get so annoyed at Facebook telling me where people are, and even then half the times it's not even correct.

Edit: I know there's examples in the article... but still...
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Geez, like people haven't given up their privacy enough as it is.
We give it up when we fly (TSA)
We give it up pretty much with every app installed
We give it up if you use google maps on your phone
Your phone can ping you within several dozen feet if it uses phase2.

Eventually, everyone will be tracked and when the government mandates it,
everyone will scream bloody murder, until the government shows you how much
you've been tracked for years.


TS Booster
...in order people that intend to steal your house could feel extra safe while doing so! (that was missing from the tittle)