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Nov 16, 2008
  1. hey, i got fallout 3 the other day and was playing it all weekend with no problems at all on my new 9800 gt, but about 4 days ago when i tried to play it again it keeps crashing and saying that fallout3.exe has stopped working on the game loading screen, every time. i have overclocked the 9800 but i set it back to stock and it still has the same problem and i've done testing so i am posative the clocks are stable.
    i'm running the latest nvidia 178.24 driver and my pc specs are q6600 @ 2.4ghz, 3gb 800 mhz kingston DDR2 ram, GA-P35-DS3 (P35 chipset incase u didn't know :) ), wd 500 gb sata 2 hdd, and ASUS EN9800 GT @ 700/1750/900 core/shader/mem.
    other games eg far cry 2, crysis, ut3, assassins creed and all that work fine, except weneva i exit far cry 2 it says the game has stopped working but that dun bother me cuz its when i exit.

    omfg plz help me i really wanna play this i been waiting months and even brought a new gfx card so i cud run it beta, plz plz plz anyone got ideas?

    Cheers, matt:)
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  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Have you tried installing the patch?
  4. Sparton 10

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    yer i tried the patch and it did nothing :(
  5. MetalX

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    Reinstall the game perhaps? Update your nVidia Forceware? I believe there is a newer one than 178.24... or at least there is for Vista.
  6. deusofnull

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    does it happen in any other games? do you have the newest drivers and such?
    best bet is probably just re install and see if it still happens
  7. Sparton 10

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    i have just fixed it, if ur using the Asus smartdoctor and gamer osd it seems to make fallout crash, i uninstalled it and now it works great no crashes at all, ever.
    Thanks heaps for all the help mates

    Cheers matt smile :)
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