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Jan 23, 2012
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  1. im thinking of getting a lcd fan controller with temp sensors, tbh i mainly want it cos they look cool and would be nice to see the temp time etc on the comp but dont really care for the fan controlling part since mainly because the comp does it automatically anyway so really, is there a point in getting one? :p
    also the case has a door so after a flat one :p
  2. Ranger12

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    I think that'll be a question best answered by yourself. They do look cool (at least to most people) so that would be the point of getting one. People slap lights and decals and what not on their computers all the time. Not so they're faster or cool better but because they look good. So...sound like a reason to get one. Also, there are good reasons to know what temp the inside of your case is. So go for it, I've got a blue one to match the blue in my case and it looks ggooooddd :D
  3. codewahn

    codewahn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    should mention my case has a door on it, would a lcd controller be flush with the case enough for the door to shut
  4. Ranger12

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    Depends on the controller. Most should fit fine as they're designed to fit in specific bays. What case do you have?

    I had a DVD drive one time that wasn't flush with the from of the case. Everytime I closed the door the tray would try and open. After a while I wanted to take a hammer to it. It was very annoying.
  5. codewahn

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  6. Ranger12

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    I have that NZXT fan controller and wouldn't really recommend it - the screen isn't very responsive and the vertical viewing angle is terrible, so not much use if you have the computer on the floor like I do.

    But it fits inside my case which has a door though.
  9. codewahn

    codewahn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    says it has a usb connection, not sure if my mobo has one internal, this is what i have.. and yes its just basic :p
    how much are they? better still where do i get one lol

    ooh i see it goes into the place u put the case usb in ><
  10. Ranger12

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    Codewahn. It appears you do have internal USB connections. Your manual should tell you where they are on the board. Usually they're near the bottom, opposite the CPU.

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