Far Cry 4 Review: A great sequel, if not a true next act for the series

By Jos
Nov 21, 2014
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    The game begins with you, as Ajay, travelling into the country for the first time in his life in the hopes of delivering the last remains of his dead mother to something called "Lakshmana." 

    The very minute Ajay's bus crosses into Kyrat, all hell breaks loose. A group of armed militants stop the bus and kill almost everyone inside. Then a man dressed like a flamboyant supervillain named Pagan Min shows up, and stabs one of the soldiers to death as punishment for killing everyone on the bus. A few minutes later, you're sprinting away from one of Min's ornate military fortresses because an insurgent movement known as "The Golden Path" came to help you escape. Then those people turn around and ask that you help them in their fight against Min's tyrannical rule over Kyrat. It's a lot to take in.

    Once I was free to roam around on my own accord, I set about doing that. And then an angry bird appeared out of thin air and tried to eat my face. Even the birds in this game want to kill me? What the heck is going on, and why have I become the single-most important person in Kyrat the second I arrived?

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    At least they had the sense to name you Ajay and not BJ.
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  3. I loved Far Cry; hated Far Cry 2. Haven't bothered with 3 and since I've come to hate Ubisoft, I won't try 4. Ubisoft has managed too much f-ups with uplay, always online requirements and other stuff that as far as I'm concerned they're history.

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