FCC chief outlines universal broadband proposal


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The US communications regulator revealed a proposal yesterday for universal broadband coverage by the end of the decade. It is estimated that around 18 million Americans do not have access…

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"But not everyone is convinced that the proposed plan is the best way forward. The American Cable Association says they are concerned that phone companies will get "first dibs" on the funding while other broadband providers like cable may have to wait a few years for the option to competitively bid to receive funding support"

READ: "How come they get to make all the money, and we don't?"

How about you shut your mouth, incumbent large cable company, and quit holding up the process?


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raswan said:
How about you shut your mouth, incumbent large cable company, and quit holding up the process?
Agreed wholy. Rising costs to the consumer, the increasing limiting of bandwidth availability and service bubbling are only hurting the United States competitivity in broadband access and available speeds both internationally and domestically. Basically, it means stagnation for profits. =/


If the bib bad cable company wants some money why don't they start installing cable to all those who want it. I have contacted cable and they do not have plans to put cable in my area. I guess a few thousand people is not enough to motivate them.


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What a joke. By broadband they mean a lousy "728kb/s or less" connection.

I don't what my taxes going to that ****. If it were 10mbps or faster than sure.


Universal broadband??

So the USA is gonna pay and subsidise broadband connections all accross the globe!

SWEET! Im totally behind that idea!


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Wasn't that big wireless initiative supposed to take care of this, opening up all that vacated bandwidth that analog TV used to occupy for wireless internet connectivity everywhere for everyone? Shouldn't they maybe pump the money into that? Just sayin...