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Feedback on changed settings for vid card

By t8c8
Jun 9, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I want to tell my story on my problems. (If you DON'T want to hear the INTRO story, move to the 2nd paragraph). I had a problem before: application error (referenced memory could not be read). I tried a thousand fixes and solutions, went to numerous fixes wihtout any budge. As i was exploring this, my problem got worse, i was getting the BSOD. Some people were trying to help me (thank you). without any fixed solution. So i decided to reformat my computer (finally! haha, i don't give in until i put up a fight :) )

    So i reformat my computer. There were 3 things that needed drivers (my LAN card; Video card; and sound device-built in with the mobo). The lan card was easy because i had the CD instant driver:) 2nd problem was the video card. I got stuck here.

    My video card is an ASUS N6600 series.
    my mobo is an ECS P4M800PRO-M3.
    My CPU is Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz,
    with 512MB RAM
    OS: XP Pro SP2
    (If you DON't want to hear the continuation, move to the 3rd paragraph after this)

    Moving on, i tried numerous drivers, but nothing stuck, the effect was something like this: the computer would: restart somewhere in the middle, or after installation. It would boot up with 2 normal single beeps one after the other. Next, the windows logo would come out. However i saw the windows logo still having "lines" like the monitor had something wrong or low quality images (same as when the computer first booted after reformating.) After this, i SHOULD see the image of my mouse then the loading screen? I didn't it goes blank, the monitor then tells me there's no connection, and then i hear a beep (my computer REBOOTED). I let it run and again again. it STILL rebooted, i knew this was a problem- i go to safemode, uninstall the driver, then reboot. It's BACK to the VGA compatability driver. but it's still the safemode-ish, laggy-type screen.

    This cycle goes on for almost all the nvidia drivers i tried. 185, 178, 175, 93.31, 81... i believe i tried 6. all getting the same result, so so- I always just reach the windows logo screen. I contact ASUS and they give me more drivers i try, so i tried them, same thing. But i noticed in safemode that the some of the drivers i tried were successfully installed. Device manager told me that it is installed, but when i reboot, it just reaches the windows logo

    I go into the CMOS setup utility. And i change some things.
    CMOS Setup Utility 1985-2005 AmericanMegatrands Inc. (so you know what interface i have)

    I go to "CPU PnP" setup and change my DRAM frequency

    Current settings under that tab:
    CPU overclocking feature>disabled (default)
    CPU frequency 200Mhz (default and unchangeable by options)
    DRAM frequency> 400Mhz (PREVIOUS setting was 200 Mhz)

    IT WORKED! I got it to load to the main page, and i can download stuff and continue!
    You know my specs mentioned above,... is this acceptable though?
    I do NOT understand what i just did, therefore i'm kind-of scared.

    Pls reply. Thx
  2. t8c8

    t8c8 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    FYI: In case you don't know, this is my PC, i have 1 pc and 1 laptop. Those who are helping me with my laptop problem (cardreader and usb slots not working), please continue, help:)
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