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By awmurshedkar
Aug 18, 2010
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  1. Hi there,

    i had recently formatted my C: drive and had a complete backup of files on D: post formatting, i transferred all the files and folders to my documents on C and subsequently deleted them from D:

    then i proceeded to change the location of the My documents folder to E:, which i always do incase something goes wrong with the OS. while the process was mid-way, i accidentally cancelled it. this led to half the folders and sub folders being transferred to E:

    I had no idea what happened, as i thought since the path had changed with only some files transferred, i would physically copy-paste the remaining data from well (i'm lost here) My documents (C: ) to My documents.(E: ).

    my trouble began when i saw some major folders were missing. they weren't any where? were they lost in the transfer? did my copy-paste screw it up? i foolishly deleted the back-up files from D: as well.

    At this point i went ahead with a system restore. it seemed to work at first as all the folders in D (where the original backup was) came back. same for the data in My Documents where i had copy pasted from D (My documents went back to C: ). but everything was blank. i assume thats because i deleted it.

    i basically lost about 4 years worth of files at one go. My dad doesn't know i've lost half his precious data. Please help me out here. i've currently downloaded Restoration (freeware) and PC Inspector FIle Recovery but haven't used either as I am worried it might make things worst. I'm aware i shouldn't install it as it might over write the data to be recovered so i'll just run it.

    Should i go ahead and do it? Does anyone know what happened and why some entire folders, subfolders and files disappeared?

    please help- thanks
  2. awmurshedkar

    awmurshedkar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    and - it's windows XP professional 2002 with SP2
  3. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    I would suggest you stop using any drives that contain data you want to recover. Then download recuvia or some similar recovery software. GetDataBack may be worth the money if the others don't work.

    Install Windows on a drive that you won't be recovering files from and install the recovery application of your choice.

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