Files won't work

By Biancadc
Aug 17, 2010
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  1. Hi there,

    Basically what happened was I was copying some mp3 files and some avi files from a friends external hard drive onto our laptop that runs Windows Vista. None of these files will work even though it shows that they have copied correctly according to each files size. They work on my friends hardrive/laptop but not on ours. I also copied more files from same folders and external drive onto my external drive and those work perfectly.

    We have had this problem before when we copied some mp3s from another friends usb stick onto our laptop. Those specific files wont work, yet the ones that were there originally on the laptop will still work and we can download an mp3 onto the laptop and it will work.

    Seems to be only when it comes from an external hardrive or USB stick.

    PLeeeeeeze help

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