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Oct 19, 2009
  1. Hello all, about a week ago I had major problems with firefox's memory usage. At one point it went up to 1 GB. FF was experiencing memory-related crashing, etc. Well now it isn't doing as bad, but just having this page open with no other tabs is taking up about 100 MB's. With other tabs open it climbs to the 600 MB area.

    So my question is, what is the average memory usage that Firefox should be taking up?

    I don't seem to remember it ever getting this high before, even with 10 tabs open. Google turned up results on a Memory leak issue with FF, but if that's the case how come I haven't experienced any issues until about a week ago? I've done everything from Safe Mode to a Re-Install of FF, but I'm still experiencing a lot of memory usage and frequent crashing.
    I'd be grateful if anyone can offer any help.
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    I see Firefox as currently using 307,572 K. That seems pretty typical for me.
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    it seems that I have the same issue...
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    Thanks for the replies
    Okay, so my memory usage doesn't seem to be the problem anymore, now my Firefox freezes up (it freezes but doesn't "crash") whenever I try to login to anything, such as my email, or forums. Interestingly enough it appears to be happening with IE as well.
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    Most of the memory problems with Firefox stem from using (too?) many extensions. Take a look at your add-ons & try removing those that you never or rarely use.

    I have 5 add-ons including two dictionaries & Firefox can run for days without having it eat up the system memory.
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