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Jun 27, 2008
  1. Ever since I installed SP1, I get the message 'some processor performance power management features have been disabled due to a known firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware. What should I do about this? Should I worry about it?
  2. CCT

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    Unless you experience shut-downs or other adverse operation, ignore it.

    Apparently SP1 doesn't interact well with the ACPI management on some motherboards and, unless there is a bios update for that board dealing with the ACPI issue, there is nothing to do (I read it deals with the Sleep and Hibernate features).
  3. tommy2k8

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    I updated the BIOS last week, so it appears it didn't fix it!

    It even appears when SP1 isn't installed, and now my client reports another BSOD 'kernel_datapage_input_error' - I've never seen that one before, and Windows didn't create a dump file!
  4. CCT

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  5. tommy2k8

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    I have got my client a new motherboard, as everything else has been eliminated

    Still got the same errors, although there's a slight modification to the Kernel error message that I got:

    Performance power management features on processor0 are disabled due to a known firmware problem (16/1/09 12:03:37)

    and at exactly the same time I got the same error message, but this time it was processor1!

    Anyway, the only thing that didn't work after the new motherboard was installed, was the internet. I resolved that by uninstalling and installing ZoneAlarm. Then I installed the drivers from the motherboard CD.

    The BSOD appeared this morning, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Immediately after, I performed a TuffTest. I did all the Certification Tests, the only thing that failed was the Fixed Disk, with an error code of F100; however, I did a full Surface Analysis, which produced no errors! This test brings up these results more than once!
  6. CCT

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    Did you try a cpu replacement?
  7. tommy2k8

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    Not yet

    Not yet.

    One question - why would TuffTest come up with Math Coprocessor Passed if the CPU was flaky?

    (This may seem a strange question!)
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Is this XP or Vista? This is a reported issue on Vista and there are no known workarounds, especially if you have an older chipset like the nForce2, whose drivers have not been updated for Vista.
  9. CCT

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    I haven't a clue except that perhaps that is only part of what a cpu is composed of and showing Good by itself isn't indicative of a Good cpu.
  10. tommy2k8

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    It is Windows Vista SP1, with an the most recent Intel chipset

    A new motherboard was fitted, and it's done the trick - no more problems
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