First Bitcoin-based ATMs to arrive in the US later this month

By Shawn Knight
Feb 18, 2014
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  1. The first Bitcoin-based ATMs will arrive in the US later this month according to Las Vegas-based manufacturer Robocoin. Kiosks in Austin and Seattle will soon allow users to sell Bitcoins for cash, buy additional coins or simply transfer virtual funds...

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  2. Thank you, your BitCon request has been processed and conversion to paper currency is underway -
    your withdrawal after conversion will now be $975, wait...$762, no, hang on, $53, um, $2654, oops, please wait, please wait, here is your $12 and 3 grams of heroin.
  3. You are definited right!
  4. Sounds like an easier way for the government to match bitcoins to their owners.

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