Five percent of PC users now running Windows 11, Microsoft force-installing PC Health...

..5 days after Windows 11 was officially launched, my Intel NUC PC from 2018, running an Intel i5 7th Gen processor, with TPM 2.0 and UEFI Secure boot enabled showed on the Windows Health Check tool as unable to run Windows 11 due to the incompatible 7th Gen i5 processor, which I was expecting.
Imagine my suprise the following morning when I turned on my PC, to find a Windows Update message, saying Windows 11 was ready to Download on my PC!
30 minutes later, Windows 11 was installed and running faultlessly, and with several updates received since continues to work perfectly..
I wonder why my 7th Gen Intel i5 received the automatic Windows update, when everything Microsoft has said appears it wasn't going to be supported?
Further more my HP Omen laptop, with an 8th Gen Intel i5 processor, which has been confirmed by Microsoft as meeting all system requirements for Windows 11, is still waiting to receive the notification that the Download is ready..
Very strange, but no complaints from me!
Well about that...

If you think about this last year, a lot of people have understandably not "being able" to play games at what you would call 100%. You technically can play even 2020 and 2021 AAA games with just a 5600g APU but so many people would cal 720p @ 30 fps just not playable and certainly not 100%

So if you have a GPU the amount of games that under linux, using Proton or Lutris, just work by installing and playing is probably far greater than what you're missing out by being in Windows but without a GPU for 1-3 years since we know the GPU supply will last at least 2 full years since it will take some months for supply to ramp up to demand it's not immediate and even if it does, if Eth doesn't crashes most would be picked up by miners anyway so actually it could end up being far more than just 2 or even 3 years.

So: There's lots of people not being able to game with a PC right now at "100%" it's time to think outside the box, both in terms of hardware and heavier titles and in terms of what operating system you choose, Linux is probably good enough for most people at this point in time if it was easier to install Linux and ditch Windows 10 fully which well, just isn't today.


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I wouldn't mind having it on the PC if it was actually any use. It doesn't seem to have any other function outside of info and options you can already get from other places on your PC.

Really poor attempt to hide the Win11 conform mallet.


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I don't understand. What is it about the CPU that blocks it?

From what I can gather from all of this data, the only thing it seems stopping support is the supported CPU list. All of the relevant technologies are there based on Microsoft's compatibility document. It's like an allowed list. It's arbitrary.

I bought this laptop in late 2016. 5 years old. It's humming along just fine.


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It's all about money. Microsoft, hardware, and software manufactures are wanting to boost sales. Period.