Folder says it's empty but it's not

By FroggerStyle
Nov 16, 2012
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  1. Hi All,
    I found this site after having problems with a nasty disturbing TrojanFakeAVWin32etc virus....unfortunately I had already cleaned the virus from the system myself. My problem is that my poor sister / has not done any backups on her precious files in 2 years! I am able to see the Users Folder in my computer =)C:/Users ...but it reports that it is empty. I decided to attempt to copy and paste it to desktop...that works was 16 gb 0_0 took 30 min to copy it....but the 16 gb copy on the desktop still reports that it is empty.....any ideas??
    tyvm in advance

    Did your favorite short name already get taken?? well just add the end!!! wallah
  2. FroggerStyle

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    Well...I went and asked our local computer guru...he has this computer shop downtown...theres just a path through the center of the store and a small area for him to work...the rest of the space is computers in various stages of disassembly ;-) he says I have 2 problems...the first was the trojan got onto the system...then it allowed another program to install that hid all my start menu items...and my desktop..... he has a program that can fix it...but ....he cant find it right now /) maybe I can find it by diggin around elswhere on this site.....
    I wouldnt wish this on my worst tell him how to fix it and pray for his heart to seein my example...kinda like the grinch that stole christmas!
  3. jobeard

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    Two comments;
    if an admin stored a hidden folder into your folder and moved pics into that subfolder
    if the folder viewing options did not include hidden folders/files

    you would not see the contents

    On Windows/7 the view options are under the folder menu Organize -> folder & search options

    XP/Vista options are under folder menu View
  4. FroggerStyle

    FroggerStyle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    According to our local computer guru this problem was the result of 1) getting a virus and 2) the virus installing a program that hid all my folders. I had taken care of the virus by following methods similar to what your virus removal forum good hearted computer expert was able to restore my folders by the use of a program named unhide from bleepingcomputer. I knew the name of the file and had tried to rescue the documents myself to no avail...I suggest the advice of an expert when dealing with this hide your icons/folders/files malware.

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