Folders inaccessible

By steeve
Dec 19, 2010
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  1. has anyone seen weird stuff like this before?

    some history: there was an unfortunate incident where some windows data partitions were partially overwritten :( recovery was performed followed by chkdsk etc, with maybe 80% of data recovered

    some time later: i move some folders (photos) from one of those partitions to another. when i try to then open those folders, i get ...inaccessible, permission denied. also, properties shows folder is empty. (i know the photos are in there!)

    thinking i might try to access them from another computer, i allow sharing in properties. get an error ...access denied ...share not created.

    but the amazing thing, the folder icon now changes to one with thumbnails and the folder can now be opened and there are the photos.

    pretty weird stuff - it must relate to the corruption incident - any ideas? is the disk ok? is there any disk utility that could fix whatever errors there may be?

    xp btw

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