Format Drive: Stuck at "Welcome Screen"

By MadLittleMods
Dec 30, 2009
  1. Ok I am trying to format my computers drive which I thought would not be a problem because I did it once on a Win 95 and a week before an xp. I am trying to format an xp and everything seemed the same until i got to the Welcome Screen. I know i am supposed to push enter to continue but it will not go. F3 does not let me exit, etc. I know my keyboard works because i have to use it to get to the setup (including the enter key). A while back I bought a sata to usb adapter along with the external power supply that goes with the sata devices (srry dont know that one). I took the side of the case off and unhooked the sata and power off of it. I then hooked up my stuff and plugged it into my other working xp (the one formated no prob.) I went through the set up and got to delete and create the partition but it won't let me install the operating system. I tried hooking everything back up to original state and tried to to the disk etc but i got stuck at the welcome screen(this is the computer that did it earlier and the computer with the hard drive i need formated. So i didn't have a formatted drive so i hooked up to mine and right clicked my computer and mangage pc, etc to the manage drives or something liek that and formatted it with NTFS or the one that is like that (i hope u know what i mean). No opeating system still.

    NOTE: The reason it wouldnt let me install was becuase it said It couldnt detect it. Might becasue your manufatuer didnt install etc. My adapter is plug and play and i dont know which sata or raid controller to get. i couldnt find any because all the webs sent me to microsoft update which doesn't help.

    Today i have been trying to put make a disk with the stuff on it using nLite and adding drivers that might work but no luck.

    I then tried working on putting the os on a flash drive. I did it two ways this one.



    srry dont have web i guess but it had me use PE Building if your familiar with it.

    The PE building one didn't work. The computer woulding recognize that it had an os on it even tho f12 and startup etc.The other one, the disks i made with a few changes werent recognized as a boot disk so not working. Tried downloading someone work of the same thing and didn't work.

    The drive i want to format is sata and the computer that i have working have all 40 pins and molex etc but remeber i have adapter.

    I have a vista laptop with sata but do not want to open up unless really have to.(has a disk drive issue and dont want to make worse.

    I use this adapter(exact one i bought)and i have 2 of them:

    If anyone has any ideas or a boot disk i could get the iso and burn it myself etc.

    Much apreciated, Eric
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    ???Anyone out there???
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