Format Slave Drive Through Windows 98

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Feb 20, 2006
  1. If its a brand new hard drive it doesn't have any partitions set up, thats why you can't see it. You have to use fdisk to create a partition, then you can format it.
  2. mickzer

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    Well done SNGX1275,
    You've just answered a question that won't be asked until tomorrow.
    (That's if the dates & times are anything to go by )
    I'll have some of whatever you're drinking!!!!ha ha.

  3. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, just got my time machine working yesterday :)

    What would really be cool is if I'd be like the Oracle in The Matrix and see if he'd still ask the question if I had already answered it. ie - I could delete his original post, only leaving me quoting him and my response :)
  4. Sparkz

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    I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday let alone remember the in's & out's of Windows 98. Got a question, see if anyone can help me out on this one. I took a look at it and my brain is drawing a blank.
    Old Dell with Windows 98 on. Friend needed more space so I added a slave drive (WD80GB). DOS setup is recognizing the new harddrive (have that set on auto), but Windows 98 is not. It's a brand new harddrive so it shouldn't needed formatting, but because of Windows 98 I'm thinking it does (Gotta love the older systems & new hardware/software). But I can't remember how to format a slave drive through Windows 98 since XP has made it so easy & convienent. Someone want to refresh my memory? Would GREATLY appreciate it.
  5. Ididmyc600

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    Must really be a bad day, run a DOS Box and just run Fdisk and then do what you would normally do, or restart in MS-DOS mode and do it that way,

    The youth are spoilt today with XP doing everything for
  6. briph

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    Hello Sparkz,
    Did you try computer management?
    But I think the problem is that your new HDD is NTFS, but Win98 supports only FAT32.
    So try to format from BIOS.
  7. ru_ready

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    80 gig drive... might be a hardware issue, older MObO's need a cd to help them, as for a slave into a machine, is this already formatted to NTFS? as in pre-done? and if its new (out of box) you are correct in saying you shouldnt need to format it. a blank drive will just run as a blank storage drive...

  8. SNGX1275

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    No if its new out of the box he will have to format it, they don't come pre-formatted. But you can't even do that until you have set up at least 1 partition on it.
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