Formify wants to 3D print your next gaming mouse using a photo of your hand

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In brief: Formify has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a one-of-a-kind gaming mouse. The process starts by snapping a photo of your hand and sending it in. The team's advanced machine learning algorithm will analyze the size, shape and contours of your hand including details like finger length and width to churn out a form-fitting design just for you.

From there, the mouse moves to the production phase where industrial grade multi jet fusion (MJF) 3D printing is used to create your pointer. The finished product will be shipped out in a timely manner, Formify promises, so you can get to gaming with "optimal precision and comfort."

All Formify mice ship with a PixArt 3395 optical sensor (650 IPS, 26,000 DPI, 50g acceleration) and feature a high-grip surface finish, Kailh 8.0 clear switches, programmable thumb buttons, and USB-C recharging. Formify said you'll also get to choose between five side-grip texture options.

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Other details, however, remain unclear at this time. For example, there is no mention of battery life. While Formify does have a section on its website dedicated to different mouse grip styles, it is unclear if buyers will get to choose their preferred grip style during the design stage. This is arguably the biggest unknown and might even be worth reaching out to Formify ahead of time for clarification.

On average, you can expect your custom-designed mouse to weigh around 55g.

Maybe it's just me, but there's something a little unsettling about submitting a photo of my hand for analysis by a machine learning algorithm. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid in terms of biometric security?

Formify still has a ways to go to reach its funding goal of just under $30,000. As of writing with 58 days left, the campaign has generated around $3,500 from backers. A pledge of 189 Canadian (about $138) will secure your position as a super early bird supporter. Should everything go according to plan, backer units are expected to be delivered in December 2023.

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