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Feb 24, 2007
  1. Does anyone know how to turn off sound on one of these? Or give me some gude as to what to look for, nothing in BIOS set up seems relavent. Not that I understand much of it. Is there a "guide" that explains the byzantine language of MOBO's?
  2. Nodsu

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    Why do you need to turn off sound on the motherboard level? You could just disable the sound device in Windows if you don't want it.
  3. ecc83

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    Hi Nodsu,
    When I run Samplitude software I get a "*****" noise at every mouse action. When a file is playing the noise runs with it at about neg30db and sounds like a small kitchen timer!
    This only happens when running thru' a sound card(in order, Trust, Terratec and now Ap2496) If I disable the sound card and run through the MOBO sound (ugh!) I do not have the noise. Also I can run Magix6, Evolution stu2, Audacity and they are fine with soundcards.
    I could try re-installing Sam but it is a magazine freebie and it is a hassle getting re-activated.
    The recieved wisdom is that on board sound is disabled on the MOBO, but I just can't find out how!
    INFO: the noise shows as a spike at 6khz on Sam analyser.The noise is present even if the track is muted.

    the word in qoutes was ***** ???????

    OK THEN, I SEE! Tapping the side of a small glass with a spoon! (p.c. gone mad)
  4. raybay

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    I think you have answered your own questions.
  5. ecc83

    ecc83 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well it escapes me raybay. What is it called in the BIOS?
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