Freecorder not recording automatically to temporary storage...

By DevilDevansh
Jun 15, 2012
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  1. Ok so first I wanna say some things so there is no confusion. Actually youtube is upgrading I.e. the videos will now play in a pop-up (the screen goes dark and the video is played there). These newer videos will NOT BE SAVED either manually (using youtube downlader button) or automatically to temporary storage in appdata. Though the audio recorder will record anyhow (that is because it records any sound coming from the computer irrespective of the format).
    My problem is slightly different and tecnical. Actually the older videos (newer will not save as I said) are being saved manually (by youtube recorder button), but they are not being saved automatically.
    I went to - start>run>msconfig>startup> and located Applian Technologies, Inc. FLVsrvc - and found that it was runnig.
    So I figured out that may be the temporary storage location may be corrupt or unavailable. Well I know that it's located at- C\:Users\<username>\appdata\Local\Temp\???
    Then I don't see any folder in which recordings may be available. If any body has Freecorder, please check the directory and tell me something like the folder in which the recordings are stored or any thing useful.:)

    thanks in advance,
  2. DevilDevansh

    DevilDevansh TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 48

    Damn no reply, WTF ... Whatever I solved the problem myself Start>msconfig>startup tab>select flvsrvc

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