Freezing, black screen etc.

By Julia
Apr 3, 2013
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  1. I am a college student so I use my computer frequently and I need to be able to have it fully functioning as soon as possible. I have an Inspiron 15 (M5030), so a Dell with windows 7 on it. Yesterday it started doing this fun thing where it either freezes everything and I have to push the power button to shut it off and reboot. And then that either happens again or the entire screen goes black. The problem is it even does this when I try to run a scan to check for a virus. The only way that I can use it is when I am in one of the safe modes so far it hasn't just stopped working in any of those. I did however uninstall a few of the programs that the virus if there is one could have come from. Is this an over heating problem? Do I have a virus? Is there a way to fix this quickly? Any suggestions would be awesome I am not super computer savvy.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Tmagic650

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    When you first start the laptop can you see any recovery options? To get into these you may have to press a Function (F2 or...) key. If you can get into the recovery options, perform a system recovery. This is the fastest way to get the laptop functioning again
  3. Julia

    Julia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I actually have tried that the problem is when it starts to recover the screen freezes of blacks out.
  4. Tmagic650

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    You are going to have to take it to a repair shop to have Windows re-installed

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