Fujitsu announces AIO desktop with glasses-free 3D display


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Most naysayers of the latest 3D trend dislike the technology because it requires you to wear glasses to view the special effects. Recognizing that, companies are working toward solutions that are visible with the naked eye and various upcoming products feature such screens, including Fujitsu's new Esprimo FH99/CM all-in-one desktop PC, which touts a glasses-free 23-inch 1080p 3D display.

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hello ...

well it has begun ....!

& 3D is gone to succeed this time, my best news about it was (if you would recall during the days i defended it) ... SONY coming back with a glasstron like 3D glasses without TV :p

this is better for total immersion & not forcing others to wear glasses or watch blurry images off the big TV, still before we do adapt we'll need that puke bag attach to ourself :p

I want the 3D Glasses without TV ... :)