Fujitsu Siemens V5535


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Hi all I got the above named laptop and when I have it flat after 5 minutes it switches off u can hear the part that blows the heat out getting louder and louder then goes off but if I try to go into somewhere like william hill it will do it straight away .. so I assume it is overheating if im correct what should I do to sort this problem. .. thanks in advance


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You need to remove the CPU cooler and either clean it (assuming its clogged up with dust) or replace it. It definitely sounds like its overheating.


  1. Turn the laptop upside down.
  2. Remove the large rear cover.
  3. Remove the fan housing screws, remove the cpu bracket screws.
  4. Remove cooler assembly
  5. Clean the fins out, blow and clean out where the fan blows the air out the side of the laptop case.
  6. Remove thermal paste from CPU.
  7. Add new CPU paste.
  8. Refit cooler assembly.
  9. Refit cover.
Picture of CPU cooler unit on your laptop is below.


Hope this helps.


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big help thanks I was gonna do this but just thought best ask first thanks again for the help great forum great staff


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You might not be able to completely remove the cooling assembly without pulling out the motherboard. It is worth a shot though

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