Fullscreen stops after one minute

By oriyanJ
Aug 13, 2011
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  1. Recently, while watching contents on Windows Media Player, full screen just stops after 1 minute of playing. Same goes for my internet browsers (Explprer/Chrome/FireFox). I've tried to re-install my video codecs and filters but that didn't work. I couldn't find anything 'bout this issue online. Any thoughts?
  2. I know you can click the screen on, say, a Youtube video, and uncheck the Enable Hardware Accelerator box, and that should clear up any issues with malfunctioning Full Screen video on there, but about Windows Media Player, I am uncertain. Personally, if Google yields nothing, I would uninstall it completely and reinstall it after a reboot.

    If you need more information than that, I would post the exact versions of your graphics card, operating system, media player, and your current internet browser(s) and await another TechSpot member. (Something like, tools>help>about, etc will reveal this information to you.)

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