Functioning error after installing video card

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Apr 14, 2012
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  1. Hi guys,
    I am running ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard. SOCKET 940 ON xp
    Ive installed a Gigabyte HD 7770 Graphics card. I installed it according to instructions. The card is getting power but after installing it with the CD that came with it, it keeps saying cant detect drivers for this device.This is obvious because of the display Im getting.
    Wouldnt be a compatability problem could it.?

    Any ideas guys
  2. TS-56336

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    Hey Rob, pardon me but I'm a little confused of what you've said. It says here that you have the ASUS M2N68-AM Plus Motherboard and yet, it still on the classified Socket 940? Not to mention that mobo is running both Socket AM2/AM2+ already. That's a long road for that architecture.

    Therefore, you shouldn't be having problems with that Radeon HD 7770 of yours, because it's totally compatible with that motherboard; Unless you have checked inside the system unit if it has been connected properly.

    Give me a full spec of your system so that I might help you further. Thanks! :)
  3. raybay

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    There have been plenty of failed or failing graphics cards, even when new... about 11% to 15% of them arrive defective. You need that sucker bench tested to discover the problem.
  4. swaza

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    Hi Joden,just answering your question on system read out.Hope this helps because Ive got no idea why my system is not accepting it.
    Many thanks Rob.

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  5. Cobalt006

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    Well for for one it is still listing your old video card as your display. Nvidia geforce 95 gt. Did you unstall the old drivers.

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