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G22LWK Envision Monitor "No Digital Signal"

By fsweetman
Jul 17, 2008
  1. I am having a problem with my monitor, it is basically stopped getting a digital signal. I get signal on an analog connection and also on a s-video cable connection to the TV. The funny thing about it was, it was working fine with the DVI connection from my V- card. (check the specs in my profile for the video-card) I rebooted and then thats were the issue began. Reason being for the reboot, I was trying to isolate an issue with my wireless connection. (which was solved) I went thru the normal troubleshooting sequence, recycle the power, check seating, (Cards, Memory, etc... ) OSD...Menu reverts back to analog when I try to set it to digital...I am thinking that it could be the dvi cord. Any Ideas?

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