Gah!! Crashy crashy any help?

By plaguedog64
Sep 19, 2006
  1. hey guys read pretty much any and all material i could get my hands on regarding this topic no luck so ill post it here and see what you have to say.

    just finished a format (windows xp pro sp2), relaoded WoW no problems
    reloaded CS source via steam and it will play for a bit then the screen will freeze sound skipping and im forced to hard boot my system

    k8n neo plat MB
    athlon 64 1.8g
    1g kingston 400 ram
    all-in-wonder GPU
    400w PSU relitivly new
    new dell lcd monitor (runin PnP drivers)

    ALL drivers are up to date via ati site and MSI live update
    DX is up to date via wow disk

    iv had this problem b4 but the problem seem to randdomly fix itself
    iv tried reinstalling CS twice
    im free of any viral or malware infection
    running kaspersky anti virus (always have)
    tried playing with game rez no change
    tried changin some net card setings no change

    systems NOT overheating had the computer for a year now and its never misbehaved GPU and CPU sinks are both spotless

    friend told me something about maybe needing to install a AGP controler for my board, altho i asumed it came with the catalyst driver as i could not find it seperatly on the ati page

    anybody needs to know more about anything drop a post ill see what i can do to serve, anybody knows of this problem plz help me out with this

    next ill be trying to find the agp controler and the monitor drivers see if it makes a dif, if it fixes ill let you know if not i hope you can help me
  2. AdamE

    AdamE TS Rookie

    Have you checked the Windows Event Viewer?

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
  3. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    What's the make/model of the PSU? How many amps on the 5 and 12V outputs? Read that off the label (see the pic in my sig below, LABEL Ex: 12V @28Amps and 5V@32Amps).

    Have you run memtest or any other memory error checker?
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