Qosmio x772 7270

By Thunderaan
Dec 24, 2013
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  1. So this laptop is about 2 1/2 years old, and it has always had some strange problems. But that being said, the last 2 months I've been really looking into this problem causing me to drop fps in every game, and even my browser lags. I have tried everything from Drivers, re installing windows+games/browsers. I check my process tree, to check for maybe high CPU or memory usage, nothing. So I guess any suggestions would be appreciated at this point=\.

    I know my specs are outdated, and probably not optimal for most games. But on any benchmark tool, or spec requirements/sites I have over the recommended to play any game I play. Also to add in this laptop has the older Nvidia Optimus Tech. I can't turn this off, or disable the intel graphics in the bios. I've uninstalled the driver for the intel card to even try to override the desktop graphics running intel, but no luck Aero won't let Geforce run it. (On a side note this tech. seems ideal if your gaming so your Geforce card is not running desktop and games, but also seems like it could screw stuff up). My fps in games for example CS:GO is about 120-130 on high graphics, and goes to 15. In GTA IV I get about 60, then drops to 5fps. In wow I run 75fps (on all lowest) and it goes to 30fps (randomly not even in a raid or BG/arena). The fps drops don't seem to be in any way related to over heating or overload on the hardware, its completely random.

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  2. Thunderaan

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    X775-Q7270 sorry ^^

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