Game industry added $4.9 billion to US economy last year

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Aug 11, 2010
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  1. The Entertainment Software Association has released a 32-page report breaking down some statistics about video game jobs in the United States. The group claims that the industry added almost $5 billion to the US GDP last year, and entertainment software's annual growth rate from 2005 to 2009 exceeded 10% -- more than seven times that of the US economy.

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  2. KG363

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    That's a nice average income
  3. Yeh but they aren't guaranteed work for long
  4. ussyless

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    thats less than 10 percent of bill gates personal wealth =P
  5. TomSEA

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    Yeah, $89k is a nice salary, but almost none of these people get medical/vacation benefits and as Guest pointed out - work is sporadic. If you don't get immediately assigned to a new game after one is finished, you're out on the street looking for work.
  6. Actually, thats typical for Software Engineering positions, and no its not unstable work. I've been in the industry since '95 and its had its ups and downs but unless you're a total ***** you probably are going to be able to hang onto a job for quite a while. The jobs are mostly team based and once a good team is formed it tends to stick together from game to game (at least for several years). As far as the cyclical nature of the work, if you are working in console or PC games you can kiss your summer and fall vacations goodbye because its all about delivering product for X-mass, phone and web are more laid back but a little less predictable. If you can get into the industry on an upswing though ( i.e. new generation of consoles or new media delivery like web or phones) then you are looking at some amazing bonuses and great payoff in stock and such, there were a few years when I saw ~50% bonuses (note there were years that there were none as well). But all in all, if you are creative, love games, constant change and crazy schedules, and work well with other people (seriously thats gotta be #1) , its definitely a great industry to get into. And yes, it can pay quite well.

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