Game lagging

By old un
Mar 3, 2008
  1. hi i'm new to this never used a forum before and i'm not a friend built a comp for me it is amd athlon 64,1gb memory,3200 400mhz, 70gig harddrive which my games are on,also a nvidia gegorce 8600gt 256. at the moment i'm playing if thats what you want to call it stalker it lags like hell is there anything i can do to it to make it run better thanks and remember i'm not into building comps just a gamer cheers old un,by the way the comp runs,gears of war,bioshock,halflife 2 ,cod4,if thats any good to anyone out there.ok so iv'e just had a go on stalker frame rate is so slow,there's triangles of colour appearing on and off just switched it off banging my head against the wall.right i have just run can u run it from system requirement labs and it shows i'm just under the requirements and it's well over minimum so please can any one help cheers.also i'm not on line with stalker
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  3. old un

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    cheers iv'e stopped the dynamic lighting which has helped the lagging i think i need 2gb ram instead of 1gb thanks for the help
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    Also make sure you are running the latest graphics drivers. You can get them from
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