Game lags/screen tears

  1. Hi my name is Chris, I have these types of sites before for help. I've had to run combofix and the whole deal. I have have expierence fixing these problems. But this time when in need and I can't figure it out myself I come to you guys. Randomly one day my computer started making my games run real slow like screen tears its happened before and it was because of spyware adware malware whatever using up memory usage or something like that. I use a laptop and havent had any problems in awhile with it. I even went to taking it apart least as possible to get the the fan and blow it out with duster because it sounded like the fan was making a loud annoying noise. It has simmered down alot now though. So I know it couldnt be because of overheating, I set the laptop on top of a book on one sude and on the other side a smaller book so that the part that gets hot is not laying on anything. So I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out whats causing my warcraft 3 and world of warcraft to have these screen tear lags, its happening liek every 20 secs some times for like 10 secs long and its really getting annoying and old. Pleaase help.
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    Heres my logs

    Here is attachted logs I didnt the first time, I'm sorry about. Also from the looks of it you guys moved my thread? Thank you for your time for looking into this.

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