Game playing to fast

By Venose
Nov 18, 2009
  1. i have a ps emulator epsxe

    and with i been recently playing breath of fire 3

    from the start of playing the game has played ay to fast, i got it to slow down alot but not enough

    i am actualy stuck in the game right now and cannot play any further unless i can slow the game down... i just cant hit tthe x buton fast enough (i have my ps3 controller hooked up to my pc and have been playing bof3 with the ps3 controller)

    friends have tried to help me but nothing seems to slow it down any more....

    i currently have the frames per second set at 10 (and im told it should be at 30-60) i can set the fps to 1 and game still will not play any slower

    if this helps at all, for those that have played bof3, im at steel beach, and im at the part were u have to use garr to help the foreman pull on ropes to pull stuff out of the water, (long part short) u have to hit the x button wen it tells u to, u have to hit it as fast as u can. the npc u r helping does the same thing, but with the game running to fast i cant keep up with the npc....(if the rope lengths get to far apart u fail) unfortunately this is not a side quest, if i cant get passed this part there is no point in me playing anymore as i cant go any farther in game till a complete it

    anyway the bottom line is... the game runs to fast

    i dont know wat else to do.... so please help me... how can i get the game to play slower?
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