Game server issues

By azndrift14
Aug 14, 2011
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  1. I was told to post here about a problem with steam and Live For Speed servers. It seems like when I was removing an adware with the help of Bobbye, it swaps the internet. Not sure if this is the right term for it.

    What I mean is that, before I started the adware removal, I was able to have both game servers listed. Since I started using combofix as instructed, I wasn't able to see steam servers the second time I used combofix. Third time I use custom script for combofix, I wasn't able to see any server for Live For Speed, but I was able to see Steam servers. Then the last time I used combofix, I was able to see Live For Speed servers again, but I lost all connection to steam servers. I can join through friends on steam, but when I refresh, I won't be able to see any servers. I tried disabling firewall. I reinstall steam. Deleted ALL my games. I only reinstall only about 3 games, which total of 7 hours alone, I was able to see servers again, but when I restarted my computer. I lost all connection to steam servers. Still having LFS servers.

    Here is the thread about the adware removal:

    Edit: I just reinstalled steam again. Still no server listing.

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