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First what I wanna say is Hi to all. I'm looking for soundtrack from game NHL '99. If You know where I can found this soundtrack for download than link adress here.




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swker98 said:
how about vice city I LOVE LOVE LOVE thates songs is there n e way i can get them lagley witout buying them that

thanks :) i no the music is real so i dont know but.... ill probliy end up buying it. but iust terll me if i can d-load it leagley. ITE


yo dude you can rip the music off vice city. Thats what i did. go to gamefaqs and look at the vice city section for the ps2( he links to other versions ie xbox in his guide). Its called the music ripping guide :p and its really easy and only requires the disc and a dvd drive.


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also does anyone have the link to the place where i can download the 8-bits versions of songs?( i remember doing a google and finding them, but couldnt download ) They were like hit pop songs like final countdown and green day :p. I heard them before and they were so funny.


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I'm still trying to get music from prince of persia 2:warrior within. Absolutely loved that music.
I have to agree. Warrior Within's soundtrack meshed Oriental and metal music in a way that was completely awesome and yet fitting. BTW, u can get the music for it on the site AcidGlow has posted(not his site, the one in his post).

I'm looking for the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack for download. Anyone know where I can find it?

My current library.


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lol Killbill.. I hate that song they play when the screen goes red

Also the Hitman music is the best music I ever heard!


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Hitman: Blood Money has one of the best soundtracks ever. The track that plays in the Vegas level is the best IMO.


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Yeah The House of Cards ( the Vegas mission in Hitman: BM ) had a awesome soundtrack, I always liked calling the guy outside with his cellphone then i'll snipe him with my sniper rifle with Bolt Action + silencer ;)


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Orphen Scion of Sorcery

Does anyone know where i can find the Orphen Scion of Sorcery OST... I've been playing the game for a while now and i love the soundtrack.


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Talasas said:
I would like to share this with all people but I don't have a server to do so, so until I can trading only for now please.

if you want to share this with other people to download then you can put it on a hosting website like rapidshare or megaupload but people won't be able to send you files unless they've uploaded stuff too

i don't know if someone's already said this or not but i'm too tired to read through 4 pages of posts ;)
I stumbled across this thread and it so happens there is a soundtrack I'm looking for. If anyone could assist me in finding any of the Rush / San Francisco Rush soundtracks, I'd be very appreciative (Especially San Francisco Rush 2049). I found 10 tracks on Galbadia Hotel, but that's not nearly all of it. If anyone knows where I can find these soundtracks or can send them to me, please contact me by email or AIM. :] AIM: RainbowsAtNight0


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hmm the sound quality if exceptionally good (listening to monkey island into tack now) xD

Howard the Duck

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Alternate Source for Lucasarts Adventure Soundtracks

The above site has a few soundtracks that have already been posted from the scummbar, but it also has several more that are otherwise unavailable. These are all legal since Lucasarts itself has allowed it to continue to make the soundtracks available (minus a cease and desist order for all Indiana Jones and Star Wars related soundtracks, a few of which used to be there).

I'm not 100% sure of these two gems: and Together they have almost every game soundtrack imaginable, but I'm not completely sure if they're legal outside of Canada - but since I'm Canadian, they're fair game for me. :haha: Please remove them if they're not fully legal for other countries, thanks. :approve:


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I really want the last song on Serious Sam: The second encounter. The original serious sam, not the new ones. New ones suck balls, and make serious sam not serious anymore. Also, the last song on Serious Sam, the very first one. Or the soundtracks to both.
hey if anyone can find the soundtrack from the 1999 game 'Homeworld' for me I would really appreciate it.

And maybe the sequel Cataclysm


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Command and Conquer Soundtracks from Red Alert 1 & 2 and the first Command and Conquer game are ubernice, I recommend them.