Game soundtracks for download


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It's pretty simple to get a song.. go to and then go to youtube and find a song you like so I like this song
what I would do is copy this link
and then paste it into youtube to mp3 converter little bar and press download, it is legal too! Google blocks a few songs but this is the only legal way to get a lot of music. :)


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Just because you've found it on youtube and you've figured out a way to extract what you want from it that does not make it legal.

Aqworld: See what my friend had said here, the stuff quoted above, I to am pretty much in line with those words that LNC has spoken! Just because one finds a way, it doesn't mean that the way is right! Now I'm not going to sit here and say that I've been a saint, if based upon my past actions, before coming to be aware that "ripping" or "copying" or anything of the like does indeed, knowingly or unknowingly, it does indeed hurt people! Before walking a certain path that I have chosen for myself, before the path, I was a ripping and copying super freak! I didn't care about what my prior actions were doing, I didn't care that it might be in the most smallest and minute way possibly taking food off someones plate. But that's just me, I don't solely base my current actions on things like "contracts" or "terms of use" or "user agreements", I base things more now a days on the energy of it all. How does it make me feel is what I think to myself? Do I rip this video or song that I want, even though I know the energy produced from the action is negative. Or do I hop on my scooter and make the long ride to a retail store and perhaps buy what I want? Therefore maintaining a good energy flow between myself, the store and the video or music artist and their label company.

I'll pick the scooter ride!

But to some, what I just said will be just wasted words! To some, what I just said won't even be listened to nor comprehended due that persons desire to not face the truth! And to most, what I have said will be looked upon harshly and possibly criticized, and to those who jump aboard the criticizing band wagon, those people are the most guilty of them all, for one will only criticize something like this if they weren't hip deep in doing it themselves and are looking for a way to legitimize their current actions.

Aqworld: It just boils down to you, the bottom line is all about what you can live with? But in the end, you and many more people will as always "do what they want"!


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Yeah... what Zen said. All I was really trying to get across was don't tell everyone it's legal because it's probably not. I'm not telling you not to do it but you probably shouldn't tell everyone else it's fine and if they get into some sort of trouble down the line you really won't be able to do anything for them.