Game soundtracks for download


Please feel free to distribute these links anywhere you want. It is important that people make copies of the files before the file host goes down. I don't always keep the games after i rip the music from them. So please try and spread the links around.

Game Music

Age of Empires (PC Rip)

Blue Dragon Battle Theme (looped)

Chatterbox FM (gta3):

Dark Cloud (medley)

Demolition Racer

Die Hard Trilogy

Distant Worlds (without MC / applause)

Driver 2 - Condition

Driver 2 - Help Me

Jade Cocoon

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection

Lost Odyssey Battle Theme (looped)

Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Collection

MGS4 Love Theme (ssbb version)

Overboard! (game rip)

PSX Demo One - Underwater Music

PSX Tech Demo - Dolphins

Rainbow Six (medley)

SPARKING! (tekken 5 intro music)

The Origin ~ Beyond the Bounds (from z.o.e: 2nd runner)

Tomb Raider (medley)

Winter Road (the original metal gear solid main theme)

Relaxing Music Collection
CD 1:
CD 2:

Epic Music Collection
CD 1:
CD 2:

Other Music

Bad Boys Movie Soundtrack

Borat Soundtrack

Cannon Rock (funtwo)

Cardcaptors (dub) Piano

Cardcaptors (dub) Razzmatazz

Fingals Cave (music from the Ariel turn to 30 advert)

Goa Native Didgeridoo

Lloyds TSB Advert Music (Eliza's Aria)

Loitumas Polka (from bleach)


Regret (Gackt and Kami version)

Unknown Piano


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It is important that people make copies of the files before the file host goes down

I'm concerned about the legality, or some of these downloads.
Are they illegal? If so you will need to remove the links (through Edit) otherwise this post may be Moderated I feel.

Oh and welcome saltlick.
most of the games are so old the copyrights have been changed.

and of course you must say you own the game therefore you have brought the music. this is merely a way to listen to it.

than there are websites that have thouands of game soundtracks. i've heard they're legal.

the file hosts often delete the uploads because they have an ''expiration date'' on them. some files get taken down because they have not be downloaded by anyone for a long time. sometimes it's months or somtimes weeks of inactivity.


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hey salt nice list. I suggest you use FileFront for file uploading need. Its way faster without any wait =]


Rainbow Six Vegas 2


have one of you the Soundtrack from Rainbow Six Vegas 2? I searched for it, but i don't find anything.

Lichtlein :)


do you guy's know were i can get a few song's from GTA 4 i am just looking for a few singles,Thanx


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vice city was all hits from the 80's for cars by who was it gary newman just google that followed by u know download legally ,and blonde google the same can't be to tricky


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would love halo2 soundtrack

The Halo 2 soundtrack was released at retail.
On 2 disks.

So downloading it without paying would be totally against the law and that is bad. (Its on The Pirate Bay)

Im totally against charging for the soundtrack for games. If you bought the game you should also be able to own all the Music from it.

I have not read all the 5 pages so this may have already been posted. You can get all the music from Timesplitters @


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The Sims 3

Anyone find the sountrack for The Sims 3 and Ratchet & Clank (for any game in the series)?


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I got all the Portal sounds out the games files and set them as my Computers sound Theme, (IE Critical error, and such) is pretty lol makes me lol even after many months, Shutting down...