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May 8, 2011
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  1. Hey , hope you guys can help me out , my current setup im getting pretty low fps in most games
    my current setup
    x4 965 3.4ghz
    2x 4890 crossfire
    750 cooler master psu
    3.5 gigs of ram
    windows 7 pro 64

    so I think my ram maybe a bottleneck but im not sure so on CPU-Z i looked in the memory section and it shows the DRAM Frequency is at 266.7 Mhz could that be causing the bottleneck. i already got the latest ATI drivers and crossfire profiles . I've uploaded a picture of CPU-Z to show . let me know . thanks.

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  2. red1776

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    Hi Cash,
    Where are you getting that read on the Ram frequency? Check the bios if you are not and change the Dram frequency from the bios to the default stock setting to start.
    Can you list your complete specs please? MB model etc.
    Driver sweep and re-install the newest drivers
    Check GPU activity, make sure they are both loaded (MSI Afterburner is good for this) check also if the cards are loading evenly.
    Is CF enabled in CCC?

    When you say "low FPS" what exactly are you getting frame rate wise?
    What is your NB/HT running at?

    If your memory is actually running @ 266Mhz, yes that could be the problem. If you are not getting that reading from the Bios however, there is a fighting chance that it is a false reading.
  3. cashblingbling

    cashblingbling TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 77

    Well ive put the bios on factory default and optimized defaults and the speeds are the same I do have slower ram from my older computer
    Motherboard is a MSI 790xt-g45
    that picture is from CPU-Z
    cooling is more than enough 6 case fans 2 on the side so.
    i just checked the BIOS and the DRAM frequency is at 533 Mhz and the FSB is at 200 Mhz and the CPU ratio is on AUTO so it be at 17x
    ive uninstalled CCC and drive swept it in safe mode and reinstalled and yes CFX is enabled in CCC, ive changed the bridge from top to bottom didnt make a difference knew it wouldnt make a difference but did it just cause. and well in call of duty world at war I get about 60-70 fps all on high and I've seen benchmarks with twice that amount. thanks.
  4. red1776

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    Okay, well you need some faster Ram then yes, thats just to slow to be servicing a pair of 4890's. you could try OC'ing the ram ...or better yet lower the timings (AMD chipsets seem to respond better to reduced timing, but you wont get the performance you want until you get faster ram.
  5. cashblingbling

    cashblingbling TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 77

    ok thanks , i was going to upgrade anyways just wanted to confirm. thanks again.

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