Garry's Mod developer exposes pirates with fake error


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fimbles said:
Charging for a mod?

Cant blame the pirates tbh.

Have you ever played Garry's Mod? Its essentially a whole new game. Its quite a lot more than your standard 'mod' and there is no reason not to charge for it.


"Charging for a mod?"

Red87, yes, you are correct, how dare Garry get paid for software he wrote? I mean, hes charging a whole $5, how dare he ask pirates to pay that exorbitant fee!



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If I recall ages ago if you pirated "Red Alert 2" all your units would blow up within a few minutes or something like that... Still all great ways of tackling piracy as it only annoys the pirates.

You recall slightly wrong. Playing a pirated version of Red Alert 2 or Yuris Revenge was possible. The units blowing up thing would happen if you tried to play a mod with a pirated game, and considering the high quality of most mods for RA2/YR, this really was a sufficient punishment for pirates.


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treetops said:
lol why would someone ask for advice about a pirated game on the steam forum

Kind of like how people will post on various legit sites on getting game keys. One word: stupidity.


nice.. one just needs to start posting messages with legite non pirate steamids to get them banned


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tip my hat to him . Was trying to remember some other games that caught out pirates in a unique way , struggling to remember what they were. Definetly been a few but my puny memory cant recall. Didnt black & white do something?


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What about a pseudo-random error message being generated rather than a single line reused error message? Would be more useful.