Gateway partners with Walmart to make a comeback

Shawn Knight

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What just happened? The Holstein dairy cow is back in business. Gateway, the iconic brand that revolutionized the personal computer industry starting in the mid-80s, recently announced a partnership with Walmart to bring new products to the market.

Dive deeper: Gone but Not Forgotten: Gateway 2000

Walmart will be the exclusive provider of Gateway laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets in the US and Puerto Rico. Laptops will be offered in a variety of configurations with both Intel and AMD hardware, we’re told, across a spread of price points.

The most affordable laptop, the 11.6-inch Ultra Slim, starts at $199.99 and includes an AMD A4 APU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage in your choice of black, purple, blue or green color schemes. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the 15.6-inch Creators Series laptop, which is powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU alongside an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $1,199.99.

In total, nearly a dozen laptops and tablets are now on offer. More systems will be added to the roster later this year, Gateway said.

Acer, as you may know, acquired what was left of Gateway’s assets in 2007 for $710 million. If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s history and how it changed the landscape of computer buying, be sure to check out our recent feature titled, Gone but Not Forgotten: Gateway 2000.

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Honestly the biggest thing here is that a $200 laptop has a full HD display. That's almost unheard of in the budget category. It's kinda wasted on a 11.6in screen, but I'll absolutely applaud them for putting it in there.

Also, minor correction, the cheapest one is $179, not $199.

Uncle Al

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I don't remember Gateway being all that great a brand, of course for Acer to revive them it's a step UP for them ......


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No thought thought that maybe they should re-do the logo before re-launching the brand?

This smells like Acer trying to dodge its own reputation for shoddiness.
Definitely this. I don't recommend Acer to anyone.


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They should have just gone with a simpler look in my opinion. Simple black and white, something that would match with their logo.

Also it's pretty funny that I get an ad for an HP laptop on this article.


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Note that Acer likely has nothing to do with these laptops -

bottom of website,"Gateway and the Gateway logo are the registered trademarks of Acer Inc. and are used under license from Acer America Corporation."

I imagine that the creators have likely more in common with the "motile" laptops that were popular at walmart for several months (Well, before they saw how popular they were for the price and...increased the prices).


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Not sure about your experience but I like Acer and have found the multitude of products I've bought over the decades to be of high quality.
I think he means in the context of laptops. I have an Acer 144 Hz IPS monitor that's been great for me but it could be totally different for their laptops.


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I wish they extend to Asian markets. I used to read the reviews of Gateway 2000 systems with fondness those days. But they were not available in local markets.

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How about an accurate and proper headline like "Acer partners with Walmart to start the comeback of the Gateway brand"? Or did Acer license the use of the Gateway brand to another company, just like one-time Sears Craftsman or Black & Decker or Packard Bell?

Ben Myers

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Not sure about your experience but I like Acer and have found the multitude of products I've bought over the decades to be of high quality.
Acer desktops are OK, because they use commodity parts, but do not ever try to repair an Acer laptop. Flimsy plastic parts, no repair manuals, few spare parts available. So if you buy an Acer laptop, handle it with kid gloves, handle it with great care and maybe it will last a while.